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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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little saigon as a unique area. we also engaged with two other neighboring cbd's, the civic center and central market with oewd with arts commission to design and launch a website called epicenter sf but works as a neighborhood community calendar. at the time it was launched it focused on highlighting community and culture in the neighborhood. once again the cbd sponsors concerts in the plaza and at the cadillac hotel. we sponsored the market street association. we also embarked on two public toilet access projects. one of which we
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partnered with a non-profit with the san francisco rescue mission to open up their facilities to the public 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. we worked with a local design firm to do community led research project and design, a master plan for the need for access sorry -- for more public toilets in the neighborhood with screening components that can be irrigated by the recycled water and the waste from the toilet. we also sponsored a number of opportunities for engagement with cultural events and asian heritage festival and tenderloin sunday streets. >> in summary, quickly.
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>> we have a summary here of the 3 years of accomplishment over 51,000 bags of liter removed from sidewalks. close to 5,000 graffiti removed and 9,000 needles removed. we have a site reviewing our challenges and opportunities as noted with the departure of a recent executive director, it surfaced that we had a number of opportunities and challenges that we needed to address. those specifically pointing towards the stabilization of organizational internal controls and reporting. increasing financial oversight and transport -- transparency and sharing information and improved marketing strategies and working on community development projects. there is
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a number of planning strategies that we have been working dil diligently with our board on and we've that had opportunity to work with uc hastings college of law students. one of these includes a 16 chapter financial policy and procedural manual for all the years looking forward. as i noted before we are in the middle of rebranding. we would like to shorten our name and we are planning to display in a number of our
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materials. we'll be launching our website in the next few months. we are working on another tree planting campaign and partnership with uc hastings and investigating the installment of a number of security cameras in the neighborhood and embarking on a street line plan to help document to guide moving forward with making decisions on future improvement projects that will be informed by the community. that concludes our presentation. >> any questions? seeing none, okay. thank you very much for your very thorough presentation. any public comment on this issue?
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>> public speaker: [inaudible] external mercy of two relationships. we have to put together qualities, relation. community combined science philosophy, onto continuation of worldwide mission and numerous people population >> if the mission beyond
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meditation. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleague, supervisor, can we have a motion. >> so moved. >> to move to the full board for recommendation. okay. no objection. motion passes. congratulations to all three. >> madam clerk, item no. 4. >> item no. 4, ordinance authorizing settlement of lawsuit by kim bearley tuyay. versus san francisco. >> are there any members who wish to speak on item no. 4. seeing none, public comment is now closed. can we have a motion to move to closed session. there is a motion.
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>> >> >> >> we are now back in open session. >> thank you supervisors, deputy city attorney to report out the committees action t committee has approved item no. 4, the proposed settlement and move to the full board with positive recommends. thank you for your
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time, we appreciate your time and attention on this matter. at this time we need a motion not to disclose discussion. >> supervisor london breed: i would like to move that we do not disclose the item that we discussed in closed session. >> i will move the item. >> madam clerk, anything further? >> there is nothing further. >> okay, meeting is adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>
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watching. >> ever wonder about programs the city is working on to make san francisco the best place to live and work we bring shine won our city department and the people making them happy what happened next sf oh san francisco known for it's looks at and history and beauty this place arts has it all but it's city government is pretty unique in fact, san francisco city departments are filled with truly initiative programming that turns this way our goal is to create programs that are easily digestable and easy to follow so that our
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resident can participate in healing the planet with the new take dial initiative they're getting close to zero waste we 2020 and today san francisco is diverting land filled and while those numbers are imperfect not enough. >> we're sending over 4 hundred thousand tons of waste to the landfill and over the 4 hundred tons 10 thousands are textile and unwanted listen ones doesn't have to be find in the trash. >> i could has are the ones creating the partnerships with the rail kwloth stores putting an in store collection box near the checks stand so customers
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can bring their used clothes to the store and deposit off. >> textile will be accessible in buildings thought the city and we have goodwill a grant for them to design a textile box especially for families. >> goodwill the well-known store has been making great strides. >> we grateful to give the items to goodwill it comes from us selling those items in our stores with you that process helps to divert things it from local landfills if the san francisco area. >> and the textile box will take it one step further helping 1230 get to zero waste.
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>> it brings the donation opportunity to the donor making that as convenient as possible it is one of the solutions to make sure we're capturing all the value in the textiles. >> with the help of good will and other businesses san francisco will eliminate 39 millions tons of landfill next year and 70 is confident our acts can and will make a great difference. >> we believe that government matters and cities matter what we side in san francisco, california serve as a model phenomenal in our the rest of the country by the world. >> whether you do not to goodwill those unwanted text told us or are sufficient value and the greater community will benefit. >> thanks to sf environment san francisco has over one hundred
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drop off locations visit recycle damn and thanks for watching join us
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>> good afternoon, everyone. the meeting will come to order this did the san francisco land use & transportation committee i'm supervisor cohen chairman of the committee to my right is supervisor wiener and to my right supervisor kim our clerk is the talented andrea ashbury i also want to recognize the gentlemen jessie larson and jonathan that will be televising this madam clerk, any announcements? electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 21st, 2015,
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board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> all right. thank you very much excellent timing. >> excuse me, sir madam clerk one. >> amending the transportation police administrative regulation code with the vehicle for hire. >> thank you very much and supervisor wiener is the author of this, please supervisor wiener share with us. >> thank you very much madam chair item one an ordinance recommending to the regulation of the taxi by the mta they recommended this legislation to us and we're hearing it today, the legislation will do several things first 2 repels the out police code in the regulatory
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oversight of the taxi through the transportation i'm sure you're aware of the taxi city also governed under the police code and transferred to the mta's jurisdiction the legislation will also make the mta investigative process around taxi more efficient and expeditious and improve the mta's ability to enforce the various rules related to the taxi industry so the legislation is straightforward that is really more of a clean and reorganization then anything else i ask for your support we have kate if the mta and the deputy director and assessable services who is here to make a brief presentation. >> hi good afternoon, supervisors kate sfmta taxis and
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essential services and this legislation has been a long time coming we're thankful it is here and thankful to supervisor wiener so for carrying it forward this is a clear up piece of legislation and prior to 2009 the jurisdictions of motor vehicle so for hire was under the authority of the police code and all permits and enforcement by the sfpd and to this day you can find the rules under article 16 of the police code after 2009 the mta assumed authority and created a separate code with enforcement to be 478d by the sfmta the sfmta ruled under article 11 of the transportation code currently they're in the code and there are duplicate realize and because of motor vehicle vehicles for hire no longer under the jury
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instructions of the police we're requesting article 6 be repelled additionally the legislation will authorize the mta to subpoena the documents and records as needed in the administrative proceeding with the taxi operation operations without a without a permit under art 7 a misdemeanor, however, it is enforced with the feinstein up to one thousand dollars the administrative penalty is 5 thousand dollars and so the ordinance will bring those more into alignment with the police fine final offers to 5 hundred and second to 5 thousand dollars new misdemeanors it will be a misdemeanor without having a financing taximeter and
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misdemeanor without a limo holder to not present a permit the parking citations we'll strike the e nurngz and left general language allowing the director of transportation to provide authority to staff for the implementation through the vehicle code what took so long we had an issue with the board of permit appeals to outstanding lawsuits against the mta that u a w and they asked us to pause moving forward until the resolution of the lawsuits those have been resolved and the jurisdiction of board of broiltz is clear the mta is not required to go to the board of permit appeals to hear independent
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cases but the mta will continue to go to the board of permit for the permit cases and if the mta does decide it wants to shift away from going to the board of permit of appeals we're going to have a public process that's my report i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> supervisor kim has a question. >> thank you. >> this is largely straightforward i have a couple of questions about some of the articles i've read i only ask this i know that motor vehicles is in terms of other entities called ridership as well as - two questions you said if a limb zone couldn't provide a bill their though the regulate by mta.
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>> we have the authority and that's all right. existing to request that we - this 0 authority will not be new. >> what's a waybill. >> it could be a piece of paper or trip information and sits in requesting the waiver bill the trip would have been prealigned the distinction between a taxi and temp is the arrangement by requesting the waiver bill the piece of paper shows this trip was preranged and in an allowable type trip. >> yeah. facilitates it rerg9d but not to do street haldz. >> right. >> i understand this primarily impacts taxicabs under the
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jurisdiction on page 5 when you define what a motor vehicle for hire is a motor vehicle will not capitalize taxicab any limousine or motor propelled whether under the city and county of san francisco when i read that that means you can include ride share and the definition of motor vehicle so the impact on this category if any. >> my understanding that's not a redirection you can find that in the police code if i go back to the police code i have to go back to check to be one hundred percent but 95 percent the language is the same in the police code so the same definition so although the
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landscape is changing a lot of the issues have been defined prior. >> okay. >> so does that make sense. >> yeah. an amendment with a distinction with an amendment. >> yeah. bringing it into our code the transportation code. >> of but anything in those amendments beyond the description of being renertd impacts the other vehicles so for hire. >> only the address the commission up to three minutes. enumerated like the woo bill that being a misdemeanor that would impact a transportation network company vehicle or an attorney-client or a pc p limb 90 month so that impacts whether or not they did a hail. >> all our clarifying noting
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none of them are street hails. >> that's correct. >> thank you very much for that definition. >> you're welcome. >> thank you supervisor wiener. >> i think i'm ready for public comment. >> we'll go to public comment as a reminder folks there's a two minute public comment time limit you'll hear a soft bell so for 30 seconds. >> good afternoon supervisor cohen and supervisor jane kim this earlier in the morning for a.m. in the morning this is important piece of 3 hours earlier transmission of holyness in writing any missionary will go into focus and so - also to
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the mayor ali it was a beautiful well, good public restroom and in the square of next to the grand avenue and previously water foundation to lots of people brick water bottle so it is for the tuesday to the san francisco chinatown thank you. >> thank you very much is there another speaker? >> thank you. i'm march black and blue burger with the san francisco taxi alliance and i'm here speaking for united taxicab workers just to briefly touch on supervisor kim's question we do believe that the city of san
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francisco has regulatory authority over the tmcs and they have cherry that authority but that's a whole larger question as far as this legislation is concerned deputy director torrance is correct the hang up was over the ability of drivers and the public to go to the board of appeals to appeal decisions ride sharing individual permits and the issuance of new permits and after a couple of lawsuits and the resolution of those lawsuits we do have an agreement with the mta that in terms of any individual appeals appeals by individual on permit issues that they would retain the right to continue to go to the board of appeals a public process before any of that was changed we've
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also retained this right to bring those issues up in future litigations if necessary so one way or another the appeals of the issuance of new permits will be covered by that so that is something would be eliminated by those changes i have one small bone to pick this is in the section about taximeters inaccurate technique meters can routine in a criminal penalty the word knowingly should be inserted somewhere in that section. >> thank you thank you is there any public comment on item one okay seeing none item
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number one public comment is closed supervisor wiener any last comments. >> nomadic thank you to the community and i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation and that's my motion. >> okay for i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation seconded by supervisor kim and we'll take that without objection. this item passes madam clerk please call item two and three together. >> item 2 a resolution for the bayer water trail and item 3 authorizing the 4 new conservation areas. >> thank you very much both supervisor mar and myself have been working with various departments and organizations on this ordinance and introduced two separate items, however after conversations with with one another and the planning department it makes up to move forward with one resolution that captures all the cities
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preservation areas i've circulated item 3 that incorporates the text and concept of item 2 to move forward with one item stating all the priorities and some clean up changes proposed by i did it don't make any difference and after the presentation and public comment i'll be school board asking you guys to make those proposed amendments association of bay area governments this is a body that supervisor mar and supervisor kim serve on and i was a previous member in service developed the priority conservation areas to led the city and nonprofit organizations that work on the conservation of those areas can apply for state and federal funding i've been working with the conservation on the burr water trail a project that spans several county that helps to expand bay area access
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and the water trail is a network of current and proposed sites along the san francisco bay area that allow non-motorized both the those that are in the southeast portion of the city not many developed sites to have access to the waterfront improvement will help to improve the recreational benefits to our residents san francisco bay is one of the regions greatest assets we should insure that it is perceived and all our residents have and have not's to enjoy and learn from it we'll hear from ann that will briefing share a few words thank you. i know you're a little bit under the weather so next we'll hear from